LORENTZ technology uses the power of the sun to pump water, sustaining and enhancing the life of millions of people, their livestock and crops
. This is encompassed in our company strapline – Sun. Water

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  • Solar Pump System PS4000 HR/C

    Submersible solar pump, helical rotor and centrifugal type, for flow rates up to 70 m3/h19,000 US Gal./h16,000 UK Gal./h and lifts up to 350 m1,130 ft1,130 ft

  • Solar Pump System PS1800 CS-37-1

    Centrifugal solar pump system, especially designed for swimming pool filtration and recirculation, filter
    installation and thermal solar collectors for flow rates up to 36 m3/h9,600 US Gal./h8,000 UK Gal./h

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