• Green Houses

    We provide consultancy services of how to go green in building your house or compound mainly with use of solar energy that will not only save money on the long run, but will also give you an edge in reselling your unit/s as it is the definite future trend.

  • Invest in your House

    Please download the PDF file
    GFC – House System

  • Eco Lodges

    For existing lodges or new ones, we provide step by step consultancy for how to go green and abide by all standards of sustainability and eco criteria whether it is in your use of building material, in your design of architecture and use of colors or in furnishing the lodge

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    . We also have strong expertise in operation green exercises whether use of water, generation of electricity and recycling

  • Environment Solutions

    Whatever your field of business is, there are green ways to go. Let us be your partners in reviewing your practices to ensure you are a “green” business

    . This could be from your choice of supply chain to employee everyday practices. We also provide training for staff and management of how to help you abide by international criteria of eco practices

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  • Consultancy to achieve sustainability and green practices for:

    • Newly established organizations
    • Already established organizations
  • Especially in the fields of :

    • Tourism
    • Lodges / eco hotels
    • Real Estate Compounds
    • Rural Development
    • Irrigation
    • Industry
  • Consultancy areas include:

    • Recruitment & training of labor
    • Architecture
    • Material used
    • Disposing of waste
    • Energy used
    • Dealing with water
      • Water consumption
      • Drinking water treatment
    • Choosing suppliers
    • Helping surrounding community
    • Eco practices in everyday life