Studer Inverter – Swiss Product

GFC offers several type of Off Grid inveretrs of Studer Innotec SA , it is a Swiss manufacturer of sine wave inverters, inverter-chargers and MPPT solar charge controllers for off-grid electrification

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World leader in its domain, Studer Innotec SA offers reliable solutions for both plug & play and more complex systems from small 300W up to 70 kW systems
. Among other outstanding features, their inverters offer high efficiency, extremely high overload capability and very low consumption making them particularly well suited for renewable energy applications.
Studer Innotec SA exports 95% of its products world-wide, with the support of an international network of distributors and qualified service partners. With hundreds of thousands of inverters already installed around the world,
Studer Innotec SA is a major actor in the off-grid solar industry and a particularly reliable partner for off-grid electrification

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