About us

  • Green Focus & Consultancy
    Solar Energy and more…Sustainability is our core

    Green Focus and Consultancy’s main role is providing solution as Consultation in power needs in all life scopes by using renewable energy systems solutions

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The edge of GFC is that it seeks to offer a new model of partnering with organizations to help them achieve green practices in all aspects of their operation.

  • Mission
    GFC is committed to provide products, solutions and consultancy to organizations and guide them to application of those solutions in a way that achieves win-win for the company, the community and everyone involved. This will be achieved via collaboration with partners with state of the art solutions in the field of Green Energy and Green Solutions

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  • Vision
    Green Focus and Consultancy GFC is a company with the vision to be the partner of choice for all organizations to guide them on how to achieve high sustainability levels and green practices.

  • Goals
    GFC aims to introduce green energy in the form of Solar Energy that will not only be an economically attractive solution for the organizations, but also a perfect solution for energy resource limitation for the countries in which it operates. GFC also aims at providing consultancy for new or existing establishments on how to go green, steps to green practices and sustainability
    . It provides a new partnership model for successful application of Green Practices, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. This model is not only in line with global trends but also economically viable for the organization.